Will You Marry Me Poems

Have finally decided to propose marriage to your partner? Are you busily writing things down trying to figure out how to ask them? You could always write poems to ask will you marry me. This way you can tell your special feelings at the same time you are proposing.

This is just such a tender and memorable moment if done right. If you are not good at writing a poem yourself, feel free to borrow one of the ones listed below.

Will you marry me poems:

I love you so much I want you for my wife,
so that I can love you throughout my entire life.
You would fill my heart with so much glee,
if you would only agree to marry me.

Oh my darling how I love thee,
with you in my life, the sky is brighter,
If you say you will marry me,
my whole life will be so much righter.

The day we went running and I fell and skinned my knee,
you took such wonderful care of me, that I knew that I loved you.
So on this day my heart is asking you to please marry me,
please say you will, so that we can have a life that is new.

I found a new side of myself the day I met you.
We have had so many interesting times,
by going places hand in hand laughing.
Now I have come to a decision and I hope you say yes,
for I would love for you to marry little old me.

In the days of very old,
men’s love dare not be bold.
Today it can be,
so please marry me.

Will you be my love always,
Through my many, many days?
Even though I have my ways,
will you marry me anyways?

We have had such a ball,
we should marry come fall.
I would love to marry you,
my love is so totally true.

I went to bed last night and had a dream,
on how we should become a team.
Will you marry me is the theme,
for this poem about my dream.

Shall we get married and have fun,
so all our lives we will be one?

I was pondering the state of my affairs,
and I discovered I need you for my wife,
I really love you and have a lot of cares,
about you being my wife for my whole life.
Marry me? (be on one knee)

Through the triumphs of my life,
I would love to have a wife.
With all this love I am feeling,
would you be into marrying?

Do I love you? Why of course I do,
that is why I wish to marry you.
Will you marry me one day,
and let me have my own way?

Maybe these poems will give you an idea for what you want to say. Remember all poems do not have to be done to rhyme. The main thing is to tell your loved one how you feel while you propose at the same time.

You can always use one of these poems written here, to express you romantic feeling the day you propose. Make the whole day a special day. Go out to dinner and dancing, or have a cozy dinner at home. Good luck on your proposal!

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