What Are Some Sweet Sayings Girls Can Say To Guys

If your question is “what are some sweet sayings girls can say to guys“?, here is your answer:

Not every guy a girl talks to is their boyfriend. Are you trying to say some sweet things to a guy that is not your boyfriend, and wondering what you should say? You may be having trouble wording these sayings to sound masculine.

They may all sound a bit too flowery and feminine. If this is you then you need to read this article. We are going to cover some suggestions of sweet sayings you can say to a guy.

1 – If he plays sports tell him you like how he plays his position or game. This is a great way to open up a dialogue for further conversation.

2 – Tell him you like his t-shirt or his pair of jeans and ask him where he got them.

3 – State that his car is cool or hip; whatever the up-to-date lingo is at the time. Guys love to be complimented on the wheels they are driving.

4 – Ask him if he has been working out lately, because his muscles look bulked up. (State that his muscles look larger to him as part of the question.)

5 – Your hair looks so sharp, I would love to run my fingers through it.

6 – Your body looks like a fine tuned sport car. (Guys love cars!)

7 – You play the guitar excellently have you thought about playing it professional. You should even ask him to teach you how to play the guitar.

8 – I love the music you listen to, maybe one day we can make music together. (Suggest going to a concert together.)

9 – A great answer you gave in class today. Will you help me with my homework? (Invite him over to your house for a study session.)

10 – Great way you have decorated your place, it is nice a masculine looking. (Maybe also give him something to go in his place.)

11 – I love your moves on the dance floor, want to take a spin with me? (Then suggest where you two could go dancing together.)

12 – You are such a handsome hunk, that you need to be a leading man in the movie of my life!

13 – You are such a great friend and always take the time to listen to my side of things. It is nice to have you around.

14 – From the first day we met I knew we were destined to be together.

I hope these words can help you know what sweet sayings you can say to a guy. Whether he be just a friend or a boyfriend guys like to hear sweet things just like us girls do.

You just have to make sure with guys that you tone down the flowery type wording. You need to keep the statements with a masculine wording, as to not embarrass the guy you are saying these sweet statements to.

There are many more sweet sayings that you can come with on your own if you think on it hard enough. Borrow these if you need to though. But some unique thoughts from you own head will be appreciated by the guys too.

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  1. Krystin Says:

    Not all guy’s like comment’s like these guys like to here about there mucels, and there car’s, and how sexy they are but there never truley saticfied till they know you really think that.

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