Truth Or Dare Questions

During your early elementary and adolescent stages you probably have come across some of your friends playing the popular party game known as “Truth or Dare”. Most likely you probably had a session yourself where you need to choose if you want a question where you need to admit the truth or be asked to do something outrageous as a dare.

If you can recall, most of the truth or dare games are composed of questions that are normally embarrassing and some dares that can go pretty down and dirty depending on who you are playing with.

The only reason why these questions or acts are silly is because it gives a lot more appeal for people of that age to play. But that isn’t considered as a rule for truth or dare games in general.

There are a few adults having their own enjoyment with their game, but keep things clean by asking interesting truth questions and bringing up challenging dares.

Give it a shot and try to play with your older and conservative friends or family and see how everything goes. Before you get started though, you should have some truth questions in mind in case you are picked to ask the first question since you thought of this idea to begin with. Keep in mind that good and clean truth questions can still be funny as long as you don’t hit below the belt. Here are seven examples of good truth questions to ask.

Truth Questions

1. What is your worst phobia?
2. What is your top secret talent?
3. What kind of food would you eat one week straight if you had no other choices?
4. Do you still have a night life?
5. How old were you when you had your first relationship?
6. If you had a chance to change job/school, what would you do?
7. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Remember that in a “Truth or Dare” game, the person that you’ll ask may reply with the word “Dare” signaling to you that he’d rather do something than spill the beans so you better have some creative dares to come with also like these seven examples.

Dare Acts

1. Eat anything you like for a week, but drinks are limited to water.
2. Watch a romantic movie with your partner (if any) alone.
3. Invite your boss (if any) out for dinner.
4. Become a vegetarian for an entire week.
5. Lose weight within a month by any means necessary.
6. Sing that one song that you really dislike.
7. Juggle (or other talents that requires experience) even if you don’t know how.

As you can see, some of these dares can be just as entertaining, but not involving the kiddy stuff like kissing or performing explicit acts. You can even tell someone a dare that might help the person in an unexpected way.

Try to get many people into it so a lot of people can think of their own set of good and clean truth questions and dare acts. This version of “Truth or Dare” is more of a test of creativity in the questioning player’s part and more of a challenge on the queried person’s determination and persistence.

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