Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

When you have a boyfriend you want to spend special time with him and there are many activities that you can do together. Learn what things he likes to do in his spare time, and that will give you a clue of what types of things to plan doing with him.

In the following list we have included many romantic, cute and fun things to do with your boyfriend.

Things to do With Your Boyfriend:


Shoot a Few Games of Pool

Most guys love playing pool. Find a nice pool hall some other establishment where you can go play pool. You can wager harmless bets such as the loser cooks dinner.

Rent His Favorite Movies

Plan an evening with plenty of munchies to watch his favorite movies that you rent. You can laugh or grimace at these movies whichever the case may be. The movies may not be the exact kind that you would watch, but he will appreciate the fact that you didn’t choose a chick flick, instead of the movies he likes.

Have a Beach Party

Plan a party at the beach that includes a bonfire and some food. You could even plan on grilling at the beach if it is permitted. Have some hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and soda. Maybe you could even put up a volleyball net and play volleyball.

Another great thing to do at the beach is build a sand castle together.


You can take photos of each other. Do comical poses and snap pictures that you can laugh about later. You can even make your boyfriend a collage of all the pictures for a present.

Learn to Fish

Go to a local pond with your boyfriend and let him teach you how to fish. He probably won’t even mind baiting the hook or helping you take the fish off of it. He may have to show you how to clean and cook it to if you aren’t going to catch and release. Most guys don’t mind though, in fact they like to teach their girlfriend how to fish.


Pick a interesting hiking trail, either at a state park or maybe even in the mountains, and spend the day hiking together. Of course you will have to plan for food, but there are some great prepackaged foods made for hiking. Make sure you both have the proper footwear and gear to do this hiking.

Go Camping

If you are the true outdoor type pitch a tent and camp. You can have your tent and he can have his. You can have a campfire and cook out doors. You can either sit around the campfire and sing. Maybe he knows how to play an acoustic guitar he can even serenade you. This can truly be a romantic time.

Play Video Games

Turn on the video system you have a compete in video games. You could even let him win or maybe he can teach you how to play a new game on the system. I warn you that this can bring out both of your competitive spirits big time.

Many other things that can be done with your boyfriend can be found in the following list:

First Twenty

  1. Sing along at the karaoke bar.
  2. Play flag football.
  3. Play one on one soccer.
  4. Play basketball.
  5. Write each other poetry.
  6. Watch professional sports.
  7. Go bowling.
  8. Go rollerskating.
  9. Play a game of pool.
  10. Go to a swimming pool.
  11. Go biking.
  12. Go to the zoo.
  13. Go to an opera house.
  14. Cook a few recipes together.
  15. Play a game of cards.
  16. Play board games like Trivial pursuit or Monopoly.
  17. Rent movies and watch them together.
  18. Have a picnic together.
  19. Go to the gym and work out together.
  20. Go to a music concert.

Next Twenty

  1. Write a list of 25 things you like about each other.
  2. Wash your vehicles together.
  3. Volunteer at a local senior citizens home.
  4. Plant a garden.
  5. Go bird watching.
  6. Write love letters to each other.
  7. Go surfing.
  8. Go jet skiing.
  9. Go white water rafting.
  10. Go bungee jumping.
  11. Go skydiving.
  12. Go to a job fair.
  13. Go to a play.
  14. Go to a high school sports game.
  15. Have a slumber party. Invite all of your friends over.
  16. Help paint each other’s room.
  17. Go to a children’s hospital.
  18. Walk for the March of Dimes.
  19. Participate in a marathon.
  20. Volunteer at the Salvation Army.

Next Twenty

  1. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter.
  2. Collect food and send to a Food Bank.
  3. Help clean up each other’s rooms.
  4. Go to an art class and sketch each other.
  5. Attend a college sporting event.
  6. Take a dance class together.
  7. Take a Yoga class together.
  8. Go to a library and study together.
  9. Go to each other’s churches.
  10. Go to an amusement park.
  11. Go to a carnival or state fair together.
  12. Have a family dinner at your house.
  13. Plan a vacation.
  14. Go to a ski resort.
  15. Go snowboarding.
  16. Go to a spa.
  17. Make each other a mixed CD of your favorite songs.
  18. Go to a ceramic store and make pottery.
  19. Make a scrapbook.
  20. Plan to buy a dream home.

Last Eight

  1. Plan a trip to Disneyland or Disney World.
  2. Plan a trip to Six Flags.
  3. Plan a trip to Busch Gardens.
  4. Plan a trip to swim with dolphins.
  5. Go to a circus.
  6. Go to a magic show.
  7. Get some bread and cereal and feed nearby animals.
  8. Talk about each other’s future goals.


As you can see there are many things that you and your boyfriend can have a blast doing.  You’re probably thinking, where is the sex?

The above activities actually help strengthen the relationship more than sex does.

It has been statistically proven that non committed relationships tend to last less once sex starts, and last more when sex is not present.

I believe that you will come up with many more ideas than what are listed here. But you at least have this list to start having fun together.

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  1. emma Says:

    hi, this is a good list but me and my boyfriend have done most of these things, just wondered if you had any other ideas. i work and i also get about 2 days off every week. it justs seems to be getting tough cos i dont want him to feel like he is second.

  2. Dionis Says:

    Sure Emma,

    I know this other post will help you out a lot. It might contain some similarities, but also some new ideas.

    Here you go: Sweet ideas for boyfriends

    Thank you for your comment.

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