Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Here is the truth: girls love compliments. They are very emotionally sensitive and tend to be more affectingly sophisticated to words than guys.

They react like little girls whenever some part of their astounding attributes (especially physical) are noticed and loose control whenever it happens. They need a lot of attention to satisfy their emotional needs and giving compliments can be one of the best ways to do so.

The following might be considered romantic things to say to your girlfriend, but at the same time can also be poetic, funny, philosophical, silly, weird, cute, etc, but I prefer saying that they are sweet.

Sweet things to say to your girlfriend:

Sweet things to say to your girlfriend


1- You’re so sweet. I might go diabetic.
2- If I was superman, you will be my kryptonite.
3- Thanks to you, I’ve fallen in love and I can’t get up.
4- I wish I had glasses so I can see you with four eyes.
5- You are my girlfriend because you’re more than just a girl, you’re my friend.
6- A million dollars is nothing compared to the number hugs of I can give you.


7- You are my best friend.
8- Your voice is sweeter than honey.
9- Our love is friendship, but set on fire.
10- If it wasn’t for you, there would be no me.
11- To me, your smile is brighter than the sun.
12- When I close my eyes at night the first thing I see is you.
13- If I had a million words to say, they will all be I love you.


14- Without you, a second is infinity and with you, infinity is a second.
15- Your name is the drumstick that strikes the instrument of my heart.
16- If my love for you was visible, it would not fit in the space of the universe.
17- When you’re away, I feel 50% empty, when you’re with me, I feel 101% complete.
18- I think about you every second of every minute; 25 hours a day, 8 days a week of all the 13 months of the year and in the undefined infinity of all eternity.


19- Without you I’m just simply blue.
20- Your voice sounds better than all my favorite songs put together.
21- If one plus one equals two, than me and you would equal a number that is new.
22- Tonight I have the right to hold you tight with all my might for the rest of my life.
23- If you were to give me a kiss overload, I would faint because my chest would explode.

The above quotes can also be considered nice things to say to your girlfriend because they are not rude, but polite and stay within the limits of respect. If she becomes your wife one day, she might remember these quotes with a pleasant memory.

Unfortunately, we men have little consideration at times for the emotional needs of our partner and forget that women love to hear similar sayings once a while. That’s why I have arranged this group of “sweet things to say to your girlfriend”.

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76 Responses to “Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend”

  1. Mat Says:


  2. Sean Says:

    Finally, my Diabetes pays off! Just switch it around to say your so sweet my blood sugars getting high, and i’ve got a good line!

  3. alexandrea Says:

    to be honest im a girl i find those things well umm kinda weird a good thing to say is the usual u r so cute and sweet and always remind her that u love her cause somtimes she might think u dont always compliment her

  4. Nate Says:

    uhm yeah.
    take it or leave it…
    like guys do alot of thinkin to compliment yu ladies…you have to learn to appreciate it.

  5. Dionis Says:

    Hi Alexandrea,

    I agree. But these sayings are just to be creative and to use a little bit of imagination.

    Thank you for your comment!

  6. shwetha Says:

    LOVE is a strong feeling between two hearts.don,t break it

  7. Jay Mayabb Says:

    I sent this to my baby just now.
    You are my Sun, and I am your Earth. You brighten my day, you keep me warm, you’re always around, and the fire in your love for me will always burn.
    Too much?

  8. michelle Says:


  9. jacob Says:

    it is soo cool to use it :)

  10. Keith Says:

    Tell her you love her that shes beautiful that when you kiss him/her u get butterflies and every sec you spend with her/him u fall deeper and deeper in love with them tell her/him you wake up and go to sleep thinking about her/him this is a 15 yr old =p im deep i love love <333

  11. Brendan Sean McLaughlin Says:

    Tell your girl that everything is going to be alright as long as you are together forever. Love is what we all have in common in this world but we need to reach out and love those who are not as fortunate.

  12. Dionis Says:

    I totally agree with you Brendan. Unfortunately, the world that we live in knows this and has known this for a long time and it still has not changed. Thanks for your comment!

  13. Hana Says:

    awww these are all so sweet. I wish my boyfriend would say stuff like this, but hes awesome anyways..

  14. Bonnie Says:

    Aww..These are all soo sweet. My boyfriend doesn’t EVER say these kind of things to me. He’s sweet but he doesn’t say stuff like that.

  15. Zach Says:

    Guys should think of their own things from their heart to say. Dont ignore them and let them know how you truly feel, but DONT lie. Thats the worst you could do.

  16. Zach Says:

    For example try this maybe, i tried it and it worked great!

    Surprise her with a dozen roses. Give 11 real ones and 1 fake. Then tell her you will love her till the last one dies. She wont be able to hold her excitement in! Glad i could help if i did!

  17. Dionis Says:

    Genius Zach. Absolutely Genius.

  18. Rachel Says:

    k so heres the deal. my bf used one of the lines and i knew it wasnt him so i asked where he got it from he luaghed and sent me a link to here and heres some advice. dont rhyme, its to cheesy, dont get to Poetic/Philosophical or theyll think your a dork and dont make it like a commonly used thing or she wont buy it. most importently dont use cheap pick up lines use the stuff like If it wasn’t for you, there would be no me. or
    When I close my eyes at night the first thing I see is you.
    both are good. goodluck ,if you haad to use the web to think of stuff to say, trust me you need it.

  19. Rachel Says:

    zach- if a guy did that for me i would completly melt. you are genius i would like totally freak out; in a good way trust me guys, if you ever do that fora girl she will be completly amazed to, greeat idea

  20. iiiiiiiii Says:

    Im so glad for my baby…so i said this one to her…A Million hearts would be to few to carry my love for you…and she loves it when i tell her this one…They say a picture tell’s a thousand words…but when i look at yours all i see is 3 words..i love you.

  21. saint Says:

    my gf luved these lol so im guessin there gud 4 use every where

  22. stephen Says:

    if i had to choose between breathing and loving you i would use my last breath to tell you iloveyou

  23. Dionis Says:

    Wow Stephen! Now thats profound stuff. I could not have wrote it better myself.

  24. William Says:

    I Don’t Know Why, You Never Try To Tell Me I Was The One For You. I’m Telling You, My Love Is True, And You’re The Only One For Me. <3 (:

  25. RICKY P NY(not city) Says:

    Most of these are overly corny. If you love a woman, just tell her that every day. Treat her as if any day could be the last you spend with her, because the world is crazy. People are taken from this life at random it seems. Dont take for granted what you have now and def dont think that everything lasts forever, because it just does not.

  26. stephan-andy Says:

    wanna go out with a girl/boy that you have seen before heres what you could say to her/him..
    1)-i dont know how do persons fall in love but the day i saw you there was a feeling of something in my heart i wanted to say something to you but never knew what and i want you to know by now that i love you and nothing is going to change my love for you i want you to know that my love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending at never i need you like (name).like roses need the rain like the poet needs the pain i just cant live without you my body and soul are yours,life without you isnt life at all so princess will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend??

  27. michael Says:

    stephan i hope that works thanks :)

  28. Zack Smith Says:

    I stopped swearing, i don’t cuss anymore.

  29. lolli Says:

    You are my Sun, and I am your Earth. You brighten my day, you keep me warm, you’re always around, and the fire in your love for me will always burn

  30. Dionis Says:

    Wow, now thats profound. I would say, philosophical.

  31. Frankie Says:

    I believe it should come from the heart and no other posts but whats inside. I spend time with my girl and as we grow more and more I create my own saying and tell her later. open doors, hold hands, look at eachother and smile, and dont always expect a kiss. take it slow, kiss her cheek. Let her make the moves, ladies first. We both have blue eyes! I told her from my own words. ” Your eyes are like the pacific ocean. They are so hyptnotizingly blue that they make me float on away when i stare at you. and jus like that I get caught under your tide. and when I get back up its always a whole new ride.

  32. iloveher Says:

    i said #1 and she freaked cuz shes diabetic

  33. TheGoodPoet :D Says:

    I’m an amateur of a poet, just starting in the poetic fields, but this girl i like loves it when i write her poetry, sure for some it’s corny or overrated but not mine(:

    Here are some quotes & small poems, your welcomed to use whenever you want, as long as you give me some credit, xD

    –I miss you like the sun misses the flowers,
    Like the sun misses the flowers in the depths of winter,
    Instead of beauty to direct it’s light to,
    The heart hardens like the frozen world which your absence has banished me to. (remember i’m an amateur, lol)

    –The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

    –You tend to think my life without you will be alright,
    my heart can not be away from yours,
    still a prodigy of how my mind ponders you all night,
    & still a mystery how my heart to you, just pours & pours.

  34. Thomas Says:

    The one that i usually use with my girlfriend is… “We are one-winged angels” She asks me why… “Because we need to be together in order to fly”

  35. Mike Says:

    stephan, u my friend r a genius, thank you so much!!! XD

  36. Barney Says:

    Da changes of meeting someone so special only happens once in a lifetime

  37. Ben Says:

    i used this 1 on my gf she loved it: last night i looked up to the stars and matched each one with a reason why i love you. i was doing great until i ran out of stars

  38. Barney Says:

    The changes of meeting someone so special only happens once in alife time

  39. Corey Says:

    Me and my gf have been togather since i was a freshmen in highschool i am now a freshmen in college and she is a junior in college, im always looking for cute things to send her due to the distance because we go to diffrent schools , i find the best thing to tell her is just how you feel not corny things, if you tell a girl she is more beautiful then a rose well then your comparing her to something which a man should never do to the girl he loves because she is not comparable, me and my girlfriend have alot of strengths like we have ligit been through everything deaths in our familys, she had cancer, i had heart surgery and we were always be eachother sides, i guess what im trying to say is you shouldnt play off other peoples words as your own just speak from the heart and you will do just fine,

  40. Cameron Says:

    you are the reason i thrive to live another day

  41. Chris Says:

    Stephan, don’t tell a girl you love her before you have even gone out. That will freak her out. People throw around the “L” word far too much. And maybe it’s just me, but I thought 90% of the quotes on this page were corny.

  42. Brian M. Says:

    I almost got in trouble from my parents the other day, they asked me where did I put my heart because they saw it missing in its precious case. . . I had to tell them that I have put next to yours or else my heart would go into relapse without your heart with mine

  43. Chris Says:

    :D sent this to my gf waitin 4 a reply

  44. Hani Says:

    some things are good here :D

  45. Chris Mac Says:

    I thought of up this one 30 minutes ago when i was talking to my girlfriend. She didnt understand what i saw in her. so i sent this 3 page message of all of this stuff and how i really felt. then ended it with ” i live around my own rotation.. im just contantly caught in your orbit”tm;) then asked if i came up with it. and yes i did =]

  46. Dionis Says:

    Good one. I like it.

  47. eddy Says:

    if you wana know how much i love you count the stars in the sky and multiplicate them with the drops of the sea.

  48. Someone Says:

    Yea that website thing isn’t a website anyway…

    When I’m old enough to marry you i would
    When I’m old enough to have kids with you I would
    When Im old enough to split from you well I just guess that day will never ever come!!

  49. Jonathan kerr Says:

    I love you every second of the day you have no idea how much i love you
    and will contine to tell you ever day and night for ever, baby i could look in ur
    eyes for hours and get lost.

  50. Hennersftw Says:

    I was counting stars and matching them up to reasons why I love you. I was doing alright until I ran out of stars x

  51. Art Fields Says:

    i never say to much love stuff. I mean when it s needed and at the right time i definitely do say stuff. like i always call her a princess, but to me what shows me and my girls love is definitely just the fun together… I love that we finish eachother sentences… that we can be just me and her laughing at the littlest stupidest stuff.. she’s ike one of my boys, but shows and feels a whole new diffferent kind of love that can last

  52. Jonathan Says:

    Hey guys what’s something good to say to a girl if Im inn love with her bbut she doesn’t like me as much??

  53. trea15 Says:

    my gf know when im saying it and when the internet is saying it shes too smart. not that i need the internet but she tooo smart

  54. Sarah Cherie Horn Says:

    * your love is my drug
    * your smile brightens my entire day and your voice makes the days to come, bareable.
    * id walk a million miles if i could just see you tonite.
    * just because she comes off strong doesnt mean she didnt fall asleep crying, and even if she acts like nothings wrong maybe just maybe shes just good at [LyInG]…
    * my world used to be dark and cold and my world wasnt rotating at all, but when you came along you lightened my world and kept me warm, and your the reason my worl is spinning. :)

  55. Heart Says:

    Ok Im Just Saying But…..If You Really Love Her/Him You Wouldnt Have To Go On The Internet And Find Something To Say. It Mostly Matters If It Comes Out Of The Heart <3

  56. philip Says:

    i used one of these on my girlfriend and she was thrilled with it and now we are going out with each other so thankyou very much!

  57. Dan Says:

    I tell my girl that there is not a word in the tongues of man that can properly
    describe the infintesible,and passionate love I have for her. (Too sappy?)

  58. Chaz Says:

    if you lived to be 100 i hope to live to be 100 minus 1 day so i never have to live with out you…

  59. that guy Says:

    I would think just saying one of these at random would seem strange. What’s a good way to lead up to one?

  60. Jessica Says:

    Honestly, sweet, simple things like “you’re so beautiful” or “I missed you so much” or “I can’t wait to see you” are the things that reel me in. Corny pick-up lines or poetic phrases just kill the mood for me. Just hold her in your arms and tell her that you have no intention of letting her go.

  61. MrFarod Says:

    This site is terrific I love discussing women. Gods gift to men.

  62. Frank Says:

    Hey ! That pick up line was so alwesome

  63. john2572 Says:

    i love you more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow

  64. emiliano Says:

    tell her/him tht wene u lk into her/him eyes u kno shes/hes
    the one for u

  65. Dionis Says:

    Thanks Frank!

  66. Dionis Says:

    Ha ha. That one made me think a lot Chaz.

  67. Dionis Says:

    No its not sappy, it cool.

  68. Dalia Says:

    Awww this is so cute!!:)

  69. T-dub23 Says:

    My girlfriend makes it a challenge that I cant make her melt with charm. What I did once is find a love quote, and then apply it to our relationship. This is what I came up with- “Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love.” -Albert Einstein. But I am pretty sure having a women as beautiful and amazing as you has a lot to do with it, but I’m no Einstein.

  70. logan Says:

    tell her that you are always chest deep in thoughts of her

  71. Nick Says:

    Like if you are ever talking to your girlfriend before or after a school break and she asks “How was your break” say it was horrible so she will ask why and then you should say because I didn’t spend it with you, because I didn’t see you, I didn’t see your beutiful eyes or something similar to those then she will just melt then if your lucky she may even kiss you but if you want to when your done saying the romantic stuff above you could say I love you then kiss her or don’t say I love you and still kiss her but remember only do these things if you think its the right thing to do and most importantly if you think she is comfortable with it and maybe if your comfortable with it but remember saying I love you is always the way to go.:D

  72. jacob Says:

    So, I need to know…. My girlfriend thinks corny is awesom and im a very corny guy lol, I just make things silly and cute, not on purpose its just all natural. but is there such a thing as being to sweet? By the way shes a type that is not all about sex other than 75% of wemon… just saying. and she is the type that enjoys everyday life and its amazing wonders.

  73. FJ Says:

    Ok if I said

    “If you were to give me a kiss overload, I would faint because my chest would explode.” to my girlfriend she would leave me fast.

  74. ebby1337 Says:

    those r all good ideas but in all reality girls just need to learn how to appreciate our little complements. :)

  75. Forrest Kmiec Says:

    I was listening to you broadcast last night as I usually do while grilling on Sunday evening and took to heart you thoughts on the media. Yes they do “make” news rather than report it; they put their spin on everything they report, just listen to NPR any day..

  76. Callum Says:

    “When I Woke Up The Only Thing That Could Have Made My Day Better Was Waking Up To See Your Face By My Side”

    Year 9 Proves You Don’t Need To Be Amazing It Just Has To Come From The Heart

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