Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

All of us women know how much we like sweet things said to us. But did you realize that most guys also like to hear sweet things said to them? Are you in a query about what you can say to your boyfriend though? Well below we will cover somethings that you may want to say to your special guy.

Some of these sayings maybe silly, cute, good, nice, romantic, but they are closer to sweet than anything else.

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Sweet things to say to your boyfriend:

Sweet things to say to your boyfriend

  1. You are the prince in my fairytale life. (Forget the frog thing.)
  2. You grew on me like the ivy grew on my house. You can cling to me anytime.
  3. For a man you are extremely handsome (as men go anyway).
  4. I can’t keep you off my mind, and I love thinking about you.
  5. You complete my world. I only live in half a world when I am away from you.
  6. You make my heart skip beats when you are near me.
  7. Your body is like a fine car, well built and ready for action.
  8. You are a bright shining star in my universe of love. I will wish on you anytime.
  9. I feel like we are best buddies. I feel like I can tell you anything.
  10. You are so sweet to me, you take the place of icing on my cake.
  11. If you were a radio station, I would have you tuned in 24/7.
  12. You are so bright that you compete with the sun. Where are my sunglasses?
  13. I love you so much that I don’t feel your beard scratching my face when you kiss me.
  14. You are so hot you light the flame on my candle. (Who needs a match when you are around?)
  15. In the movie of my life you are my leading man. Heck leading man, you are the only man in the movie!
  16. Baby you are the whip cream on my hot fudge sundae.
  17. You are the olive in my martini.

Whichever statements you choose to say to your boyfriend remember that guys like their egos boosted, just like us gals do. They like to feel appreciated and loved too. So focus your sweet statements on their good qualities and you will make them feel good.

This action will make your relationship stronger. Chances are that the more sweet things you say to your boyfriend the more sweet things he will say back to you. So think of your own sweet things to say or use some of these today.

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48 Responses to “Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend”

  1. cassandra Says:

    There are lots of thinqs to say to a guy. One of mi favorites is tellinq them how much you love them likkke u have to try to describe it although it could be hard. Cuz words cant describe alot.

  2. brenia Says:

    this is so helpful me and my boyfriend had’s gotten closer to each other.

  3. Renae Says:

    Just be honest,
    tell them that you love them and that their like you in every way.
    That your life would completely suck with out them and point out how much you
    love his brown curly hair, or the beautiful way he walks.
    I love you cody♥

    always did

  4. Kaitlin Says:

    These are like cheesy pick up lines lol

  5. Julia Says:

    Tell him how sexy or handsome he is and tell him that you miss him when he’s away. Tell him the specific things you love doing with him:
    Driving in the car while you hold hands, cuddling with him when watching a movie
    Or just tell him how much better your life is since he came into it

  6. Synthya Says:


  7. Grace Says:

    I loved you yesturday, I still love you today, and I will keep loving you til there is no tomorrow. (:

  8. Madiii Says:

    im 11, my boyfriends 13. even i know at 11, its better to tell your boyfriend how much you love him in your own words. yeah qoutes are nice, but thats somebodys elses. just use your own, it will make him feel more loved.

  9. Mollie Says:

    this is great and all but lyk madiii said its better to say it in ur own words. nd sumtimes if they know what it is they think u dont care about them enough to come up with sumthing on your own (that is a very smart 11 year old)

  10. nichole Says:

    It takes a second to say i love you, but a lifetime to show it. Love is like the air we breath. It may not always felt, used and needed. The love we have is God’s gift to us, what we do with it is our gift to God’s. I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you. Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometime……. Just be an illusion. Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met. There is no friendship no love, like that of the parent for the child. The best thing about me is you. If has to choose between loving you and breathing, i would use my last breath to say….
    I Love You!!!!!<3

  11. nichole Says:

    theirs my comment and he loved it

  12. alex:) Says:

    Yeah, these people are right.. I mean, some of these are sweet, but a lot of guys think its adorable just to say things that we normally wouldn’t find “cute.” I wonder all the time why my guy thinks “Okie dokie” is cute, but I don’t question it, I just say it more often. I tell him how much I miss him when he’s not there, and he’s told me it’s so sweet it makes him blush. Just tell him the truth, and he’ll appreciate it. :)

  13. Brii Says:

    Just say u mean the world to me wouldn’t trade ya for no under wear model ;) bahaha

  14. Natalie Says:

    Obviously, these are really cute, but the best thing you can say is “I love you”…
    just saying ;)

  15. Kierstynn Says:

    Life without you is like a dull pencil…..pointless.

  16. ana Says:

    i love u shane so much u r my future your the person that i wanna have my kids with i love u 100 times a day

  17. faith Says:

    I always call my bfriend Mr. Delicious, he loves it

  18. jylynn Says:

    if you were homework id do you everyday

  19. lawrence Says:

    it is more better if v use our own sentence…..love doesn’t wants grammer and poems……..just express ur affection towards them….

  20. Whitney Says:

    ” I wen outside….and looked at the stars. For each star i gave a reason why i loved you. I was doing great, until i ran outta stars.<3" My boyfriend loved it.

  21. KAITLYN Says:


  22. Meea :) Says:

    You: you see the sky
    Him: yeah or it’s huge
    You: my love for u is much bigger :)

  23. Grace Says:

    you are the light of my (day/life) i will love you forever and always. a mad scientist could never figure out my love for you.

  24. Kearston Says:

    You have a smile that only heaven could’ve made, I pray to god every day that i get to see that smile(:
    Your my dream, theres nothing i wouldn’t do, and i’d give my life up for you, cause you are my dream

  25. AHAHA Says:

    if YOUR 11 ; you dont know the meaning of love….

  26. Dionis Says:

    Hey I like that one.

  27. Dionis Says:

    Really? That strange, it was not suppose to happen.

  28. Dionis Says:

    Good for you Whitney!

  29. lill Says:

    I said to my boyfriend roses are red vilets are blue, you are so cute, so i want to hug you, if i had to choose betwen loving you and breathin, i would use my last breath to say. I LOVE YOU!!!!! i think thats so sweet to say to your boyfriend!

  30. Brooke Says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for a year & 3 months. I would never use things like this. Yea, there sweet (personally I think that they are kinda cheesie & thats cute some times), but I think telling his sweet thing from the heart are better. They are my own words. When me & him are layin down I tell what I love him more then & then he tells me one bak. Its kinda like a game for us and we compete. Its really fun a cute & sweet.

  31. skyler Says:

    when i first saw u i was afrad to meet u
    when i first meet u i was afrad to hold u
    when i first held u i was afrad to kiss u
    when i first kissed u i was afrad to love u
    and now that i love u im afrad to lose u
    ma bf loved it when i said it and then he said i will never lose him and i said tht 2 him 7 years ago and we r still together

  32. StfuBitch(; Says:

    yur runninq thru my mind all day , im so happy yur mine <3
    – new boyz

  33. sierra Says:

    i love tellin him he’s the only guy i ever loved in the world

  34. Gabby Says:

    My BF everyday out of random says “I love you baby <333333" and then I feel like I'm gonna cry. But the best thing to say is:

    -Either type the chorus to What Makes You Beautiful
    -Use the Spongbob, Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Sandy, and Plankton thing (look it up on Google)

  35. Asia Says:

    Please let me know what I did to deserve you I wanna know so I can keep doing it. :)

  36. Natalie Says:

    I have a boyfriend and i would do anything in the world for him! he means the world too me, he has my heart and he can do whatever he likes with it. when ever im with him or even around him or hear his name i get butterflys and blush all the time!! i also love your sweet talks on the phone at night and when you say i love you soo much baby!<3
    I love you tyler from the bottom of my heart!<3

  37. Megan Says:

    its sooo funny how half the people on here professing their love are kids, youll realize one day kiddos

  38. Odessa Says:

    Remind me to check the freezer sometime soon because you make my heart melt like an icecube. <3 ;)

  39. Katelyn Says:

    I feel stupid saying any of these lines because it’s what you came up and it’s not coming from MY heart :/ Gr…

  40. Katie Says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend Jacob for almost ten months. Personally, I will never say any of this to him. He deserves something from my heart, not something from a website. The sweetest thing he’s ever done was, he signed a chastity card for me. Then he gave it to me. I did the same. It’s so sweet and means a lot to me. We are celebrating our one year anniversary on October 29th. We are best friends, we’ve known each other since we were babies. I think it’s meant to be. What do you think? I’m fourteen and he’s fifteen if that helps.

  41. Syd:) Says:

    Those girls out there hi:) I’m telling you I’m only twelve and my boyfriends only twelve.. We have the best relationship because we say why comes from our hearts. Just tell him what’s the first thing that comes to your mind. After you kiss just tell him how much you love him why you love him. Just be yourself. And be careful what you say and what you do at young age, sometimes guys take the smallest things and they turn it around and lose there respect for you and take advantage of you. That’s happend to me before. My boyfriend has gave me a promise ring:) so I know what love is. But just look deep into his eyes and tell him how he means to you, just be yourself!:)

  42. priya Says:

    they say if u realli love a person let dem go and if they were meant for you they return……..wel i believe that statement coz it happen to me……….
    i love my baby and il love in all the lifetimes to come!!!!!!!!! he means the world to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Asha Says:

    Wow!this is so helpful.am jst better than yesterday.thanks alot

  44. ashleyy Says:

    you know most guys know all of these things said but what they want to hear are things you mean not things you have to look up on a website or something my guy and i have been together for 5 years and i know from experience that when you want to tell a guy you love him mean it before you say it. let your heart feel it. most of the time when young couples are together one of them dont mean it and the other gets hurt if you want to keep him let him know you mean it tell him how you feel dont tell him what you looked up. because then they dont believe you. trust me ive never told my bf anything off of the internet because its pointless.

  45. Siri Says:

    I’m wondering if I’m still seen as too young for love. I love my boyfriend very much. We’re so perfect together, I think he’s my soulmate. I know I’m in love but imnkind of curious if anyone out there thinks I’m too young to be in love. I’m fourteen he’ll be sixteen in about three months.

  46. Kim Says:

    I am going to make a big poem and letter with this it was very helpful

  47. Ahh Juanita Says:

    “I love you” is a very strong word. So if you tell someone that you love them you better mean it.! Because if you say “I love you” and not mean it then the person you said it to will do something dumb like believe it.

  48. jess321 Says:

    I jus love my boyfriend very much… every time of the day i always think of him….we are together for 8 months now…Jessica and Isiah Nanan FOREVER :) <3

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