Short Sweet Love Poems

You are madly and totally in love. You have told this person that you like them, but you happen to be searching your mind and heart, to find a way to tell this person how much you love them. Love poems are always a great way to show how much you care.

Some people have a knack for writing them, while others have to use someone else’s words. Whichever way, saying or reading love poems to each other can be a fun and endearing experience. It can truly make a last memory.

Here are some simple examples of “short sweet love poems”.

Short sweet love poems:

I love how your hair shines in the sun,
and the way you always have fun.
I love the sweet way your hips do sway,
I guess I just love you in every way.

You came into my life for a short fling,
and suddenly I heard the birds sing.
To my lonesome heart you did bring,
so much love what a wondrous thing.

As I am standing at my grill,
I look at you and feel a thrill.
I love you dearly my dear heart,
shall we have dinner à la carte?

You are so nice and soft to be around,
you are the best woman I have found.
Your love has change me through and through,
O my goodness, how much I love you.

My world would be so dark and blue,
If I had not found a girl like you.
I first off liked you so much at the start,
Now you totally are the love of my heart.

When I met you and found a friend,
I hoped that this would be a trend.
But I discovered you fit me like a glove,
that must mean we are meant to be in love.

My heart soars up to the sky of blue,
as I think about my love for you.
You have given me so much love,
I thank the powers to be up above.

Love can make any man a fool,
this is a woman’s valuable tool.
But honey, the fool I want to be,
as long as you always love me.

L is for my love,
O is for over time,
V is for very happy,
E is for everlasting.
My love over time for you will be very happy and will be everlasting.

I do not mind doing a cheer,
such as give me a L-O-V-E.
I will do it loud for all to hear,
as long as, darling, you love me.

My passion of love is so on fire,
for you, my love of my desire.
I never want this fire to go out,
about this, I am most devout.

So you can see that these poems really help you tell someone you love them. You will be pleased if you use either one of these poems or write one on your own. Your loved one will in some cases be overwhelmed by this thoughtfulness.

Of course, along with love poems you should also show them you love them too, by doing special things for them. A romantic dinner with candlelight to set the mood is a perfect setting to recite poetry in. So select or write your poem today, and plan your special evening to sweep your loved one off their feet.

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4 Responses to “Short Sweet Love Poems”

  1. Bear Says:

    nice article, thanks

  2. Love Poems Says:

    My adorable princess in the night
    I searched the book of the cosmos for you
    And there you were, my brightest star
    A detailed flame of purest joy
    That coalesced the heavens in extreme awe
    The world, you have at your fingertips
    And all the worlds and stars beyond
    Tell me what you know of them

  3. Melvin Says:

    Love is everywhere.
    You are to be ready if you want to be somewhere.
    Love forbids being loner;
    and scratch your being bitter.

  4. Dionis Says:

    Nice Melvin. I like it.

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