Questions To Get To Know Someone

In the first few dates of a new relationship you are trying to get to know each other. You want to know their personality along with their likes and dislikes.

They should want to learn the same things about you. It is quite easy to ask questions during the regular conversation that gives you information like this.

The basics are usually always covered in the first few questions.

This information normally includes with where they live (if you didn’t know already), what there basic personality is, and what is there job all about (or what they are majoring in at school).

With this information you start to begin to know who they are. They should be wondering the same information on you. But gradually work into asking for this information so you don’t come across like a steamroller.

Then you can in your mind have some questions that you would like answered. Don’t write them down and carry them with you though. This will make them feel like they are being interviewed instead of on a date.

Below are a few random fun questions you can use to get to know a date or anyone else for that fact.

Questions To Get To Know Someone:

1. What do you like to do to have a good time? You may find that they like to do the same things that you do for fun.

2. What one thing have made you laugh harder than any other event in your life? Maybe you have a similar funny story to tell about your own life.

3. Do you have any fun crafts or hobbies that you participate in? This is a great question to find out if you have interests in common. Maybe you paint and they possibly could too.

4. What is your most favorite meal to eat? Keep the answer to this filed away it will come in handy for a special homemade dinner.

5. When was the last time you went to the amusement park? It may have been years and a memory they love to think about.

6. What type of music makes you want to dance? Who knows they make like the same genre of music you do. What a great date to go dancing together!

7. When you surf the Internet what type of sites do you visit? They could just be on the same social networking site you belong to.

8. Do you like to go camping and/or fishing? Another great date moment this would make for both of you to share.

9. Whose your favorite comedic actor/actress? Also what is your favorite role that you’ve seen them play? You may both get a good laugh from the answers.

10. If you do like to fish, what is your funniest fish story? Did you ever hook a duck instead of a fish like I did once?

11. What is the strangest date you ever went on? You will just hope it is not one that you went on with them!

12. What is your fondest moment that you can recall with your family? This could bring up a fun family vacation or get together.

13. What place have you visited makes you smile when you think of it? This place might be some place they vacationed or a visited a relative at,

14. What does the word happy mean to you? This could have all sorts of meanings to people. Their answers let you look into their very souls sometimes.

15. Do you enjoy quiet moments just sitting and watching the hustle bustle of the world go by, or do you need to be in all that confusion to be happy? This will tell you whether they like being busy all the time or not.

16. Are you the type of person to work with your hands like in gardening or woodworking, or do you hate manual labor unless you are in an air-conditioned gym? You may just have something in common on this one.

17. What TV program from your youth do you still quote lines from? This should have some fond thoughts connected to it.

As you go on with your dating relationship you will have other questions come up that you want to ask. You may not agree with some of the questions here and that is fine.

These questions are just to give some idea of some of the fun things you can ask to get to know a person better. Most of these questions in fact work with all people not just dates.

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