Questions To Ask Your Partner

Having a partner in life is a very intimate experience. You share your whole lives with them. Sometimes you have to ask each other questions to understand how the other one is thinking though.

This helps you strengthen you relationship most of the time.

Remember we are all human and sometimes the answers to certain questions  could bring out someone’s weaknesses as well as their strengths.  Let’s explore some of the questions that you could ask your partner.

Questions To Ask Your Partner:


1. How important is intimacy to you in a relationship?
2. Have you had any other intimate-type relationships in your life?
3. Are you completely over all your other relationships that have broken up?
4. Have any of your relationships lasted a long time or have they all been short lived? If the later is true why do you think they did not last longer?
5. Do you see us having a future together?
6. Do you believe in marriage or does the idea of it scare you to death?
7. Have you had sex, or are you still, dare I say it, a virgin?
8. Do you think that in a relationship that you have to bare your whole soul to your partner, or is it okay to keep some things private?
9. Would you mind if you found out that I was more experienced at love than you are?
10. Are you a doer or just a thinker?


11. Do you see marriage in our future? If so do you also see kids there?
12. Can I depend on you to take care of me even if I got seriously injured or ill?
13. If you designed a house how many rooms would it have and where would it be located?
14. What is the most adventurous activity you would like both of us to do together?
15. What is the most intimate activity other than sex would you want us to partake in?
16. Do you like thinking of your partner first, or do they have to bring their needs to your attention so how?
17. Are you a dog person or a cat person?
18. Do you believe in birth control or are you against it?
19. Would you like to have a lot of children or just one or two?
20. How would you show your love to me?


21. Are you faithful to your partners or do you cheat and think it is okay?
22. Do you believe that couples need to spend a good deal of time doing things together?
23. Has your heart ever been broken to where it took a long time for it to mend.
24. Is going to the gym and working out fun for you or is it a chore?
25. How important is wealth in your life?
26. Do you have any health conditions that a partner should know about?
27. Do you have any certain foods that you cannot eat do to health conditions?
28. Do you like to do activities that make you think, or do you like the activities that you can just relax while doing them?
29. Is there anything that you have a phobia about?
30. Have you ever been in a major car accident? If so did you have a hard time driving?


31. Are you shy or real outgoing?
32. Do you prefer living in the city, suburbs, or do you prefer the country?
33. Do you think that love at first sight actually exists?
34. If you had to plan a special date what would it include?
35. Do you consider relationships something you have to work at or should the just happen?
36. Are you a believer in the fact that love can go on forever even after one partner dies?
37. Do you think that a relationship is give and take on both parts or do you think it is all take and no give?
38. What is the true meaning of the word love for you?
39. Are you in love with me? If not are you at least “in like” with me?
40. Is it better to think with your brain, then act on your heartfelt feelings?
41. Are you a morally upstanding person or have you pulled a few shady deals in your day?
42. Do you like sharing intimate details about your past life?

These questions should give you some idea of what to ask your partner. These questions could give you some further knowledge of their personality. The better you get to know your partner the easier it is to get along with them and have a satisfying relationship.

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