Questions To Ask A Guy

Are you wondering how you get to know a guy? Most guys are not highly talkative right off the bat. Woman usually have to drag information out of them. Here are some “questions to ask a guy” though that may let you get to know them better.

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Questions To Ask A Guy:

questions to ask a guy


1. If you could be a car what make and model would you be?

2. What disaster would you save the world from if you were a superhero?

3. Would you love a woman even if she was not thin and hot looking?

4. Could you like a woman strictly for her brains, thoughts and feelings?

5. Which do you think is more devastating global warming or global cooling? (I think I would hate global cooling myself.)

6. If you wrote a book about your life how thick would it be?

7. If a movie was made about your life would it be a drama, comedy, tragedy, or a musical?

8. Do you have just male friends or do you have women that are your friends too?

9. What traumatic event in your life have you had to overcome if any?

10. What person that you have known played an integral part in shaping your personality and values?


11. Do you surf the net for fun or educational purposes?

12. Are you one of the up and coming Web entrepreneurs?

13. Is money just a way to live for you or does it have a more serious value for you?

14. Are you so ambitious about having success that you will not let anyone stand in your way?

15. Do you think wealth and social standing say what type of man you are?

16. Does you temper ever get the best of you at the wrong times, or are you just a happy-go-lucky guy?

17. Do you like to stay up on the world situation or do you just want to hear the good news?

18. Could you lie to a loved one and it not bother you?

19. How large of a home theater setup do you dream about?

20. Is your idea of a perfect date a night on the town, or a quiet evening with dinner and a movie?


21. If you were told by a doctor that you had 2 months to live, what things would you want to do in those months?

22. Do you have religious views on God?

23. When you sit down for a meal is it just meat and potatoes or do you like to spice your food up a bit more?

24. Are you an earlier riser on your days off or do you lounge in be for half the day?

25. Do you enjoy being outdoors as in going camping, hiking, or fishing?

26. Do you believe in hunting?

27. If you were to be in a band what genre of music would you be playing?

28. Are you a democrat, republican, or maybe an independent?

29. What are your religious affiliations?

30. If you were to write an ad on yourself what would your slogan be?


31. If we fell in love would marriage be a consideration for you.

32. Would you like to have children one day?

33. When you travel do you like to do sightseeing, or do you just like to sit by a pool and read.

34. What are your aspirations for your life?

35. Do you have any long term financial goals?

36. What do you feel your weak points are?

37. What do you think your strong points are?

38. Do you have any traits in your personality that you would like to change?

39. What is the hardest decision you ever had to make been?

40. What do you think an idyllic life would be?


41. Have you ever had an extremely embarrassing situation happen to you?

42. If you could go back in time and change a point in history, what would it be?

43. What country would you like to visit?

44. Is there anyone that does not like you that you know of? Why do they not like you?

45. Is there anyone who you consider to be a hero in your life?

46. Do you like sci-fi flicks or do you like other types of adventure flicks more?

47. Are you a sports addict, do you have to watch all the teams playing, not just your hometown?

48. Don’t you just love answering answering questions that people ask you, so they can get to know you?

49. What questions would you like to ask me to know me better?

50. What is your question to ask a guy?

Now you know a bit more of what to ask guys to get to know them better. You probably have some other questions of your own that you can come up with.

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50. What is your question?

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