Questions To Ask A Girl

If you are a guy, chances are you are trying to talk to a girl. Do you often wonder what to talk about? Do you wonder what questions you can ask?

Well, there are many subjects that you can talk about with girls today.Many different questions can be asked to get to know them better.

Even if you are just friends with them, there is always something you can get to know about them. On this page there are some suggestions of funny, awkward, random, interesting and good questions to ask a girl.

Of course, you will probably come with many questions on your own. But feel free to use the ones listed here.

Note: This post was inspired by one of our previous post: Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Questions to Ask a Girl:

Questions to ask a girl


1. What genre of music are you interested in listening to and why do you like this genre?

2. What characteristics do you look for in people as far as choosing your friends?

3. What values do you think are important for all people to have?

4. Do you think that in this world today, a relationship between man and woman can be happy and well adjusted?

5. What do you consider to be undesirable traits for guys to have?

6. What do you consider to be inappropriate characteristics for a girl to have?

7. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you hope to have with you?

8. What is your idea of an ideal career for you to have?

9. If you were to win a trip somewhere, where would you want it to be and why?

10. Do you feel that the overuse of hairdryers in the world is a contributing factor to global warming?


11. Out of all of life, what is tops on your list for being important factors?

12. What is being happy all about in your mind?

13. If your life was a flavor, would it be more sweet, salty, or sour in taste?

14. What do you think your 5 strongest characteristics are?

15. What do you feel that your 5 weakest characteristics are?

16. Looking back over your life do you feel there are events you would do differently if you were given a chance?

17. What three words would you use to describe who you are as a person?

18. Do you get along well with your parents?

19. Have you ever had a hard time getting along with your family?

20. Where do you see the trends in fashion going in 10 years, for guys and girls?


21. If you were to paint a picture of the world what colors would you use? Why?

22. Do you like hanging around with your family or friends, or do you like your alone time more?

23. When you go out and about with your friends, where do you like to go the most?

24. What places are your favorite family-type places to go?

25. If you were a food what would you be?

26. Do you have someone that you consider to be a best friend, and what is there about this person that makes them your best friend?

27. Do you feel that your future is going to be filled with adventures, or do you view it as boring?

28. Do you feel that you have a high degree of personal honesty?

29. When you make a serious decision about a life situation do you think with your head or your heart?

30. Which has a higher value in your mind, relationships with people or monetary gain?


31. What type of books do you enjoy reading and why do you enjoy them?

32. What characteristics do you find makes a person heroic in your eyes?

33. Do you see marriage in your future with someone?

34. Do you imagine yourself a mother with a houseful of kids one day?

35. Do dream of living in a large house and having a fancy car to drive?

36. What is the one thing that you desire above all else for yourself?

37. Are you the type of person who trust everyone? Or do you have trouble trusting everyone?

38. Are you a person that has a positive attitude about life? Or are you negative most of the time?

39. Looking back on the events of your life, what one event helped shape you into the person you are today?

40. Do you have a charitable spirit?


41. Have you had anything in your life that has changed where and how you conduct yourself?

42. Are you an animal lover, if so which animal would you love to have for a pet and why?

43. Are you for or against marriage, or do you have an opinion on the subject?

44. Would you take one million dollars to leave your present life behind, including all your friends and family, to start a life where you know no one?

45. Have you had a most embarrassing moment in your life? If so do you feel like sharing it with me?

46. How can I improve my personality so that I am liked by more people?

47. If you had a relationship with someone and they came partially incapacitated either physically or mentally would you continue to be by their side?

48. Financially speaking, what are your goals for the present and the future?

49. Are you a person that gets along with anyone you meet? Or are you very picky about who you get along with?

50. Do you like answering questions that people ask you about yourself? Or do you wish they wouldn’t ask you so many questions?


As you can see there are numerous questions to ask a girl. These questions allow you to get to know her better. You don’t have to be romantically involved with a girl to want to get to know her because guys can be just friends with girls.

I am sure you will come up with many of your own questions as well. You need to be careful that if you do not know the girl well, to keep the questions more general and less personal. You do not want to offend her and frighten her away.

The more you get to be friends with her, the more personal the questions can be. So ask a girl some questions today!

These questions are only a few of many other good questions to ask a girl. By downloading your free copy of the 100 Questions Before Marriage sample eBook or the famous 1000 Questions For Couples by Michael Webb, you have a lot of more serious questioning to do.

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