Questions To Ask A Boy

When you first meet a boy you like, you want to get to know him better.  So you spend the first few times you talk asking questions to learn about his life.

You need to make this sound like casual conversation though rather than a grilling session.

If you get too serious with the questions the boy may not want to answer them. So keep it light and get the simple questions out of the way first.

You know which ones I mean, here the ones like: “What color do you like?” or “What music do you like?”

You may also cover the basics of where they are living in case you don’t know already, where they work or go to school, and other minor details in their lives.

After all this is covered, then you want to come up with some fun questions to further explore his personality and life.

Are you at a loss as to what to ask though? Well don’t worry too much as long as you aren’t asking for deep dark secrets. Wait to uncover those if after you get to know him better.

You can search through the Internet for some ideas for questions, but read below first to discover a few questions to ask. These will give you a good starting point.

Questions To Ask A Boy:

1. When you have time to relax what do you like to do? This is s great question to see if you have something in common.

2. What event in your life has given the most happiness? Then maybe you can share a similar event in your life.

3. What kinds of food do you enjoy eating the most? Do you like pizza and beer (or soft drink) or are you more of a  steak, potato, wine (coffee or tea) type person. This will show if you have food likes in common.

4. Do you have a meal that your mom used to fix you that is still your favorite? This one is worth remembering for sure because you can fix it for him sometime.

5. Do you enjoy making things by hand like in woodworking? Do you have any hobbies that you participate in. You may just see that you participate in similar crafts and hobbies.

6. Are you the outdoors type, or would you rather find an activity inside to do? This may tell you whether they like to go hiking or not.

7. When you play on your computer what sites do you go to and what do you do on those sites? Maybe you visit some of the same Internet sites and can share experiences.

8. What car would you like to someday own? What makes this car special to you? Just tells you something of his taste in things.

9. What place in the world would you like to live in?  Why would you like to live there and not just visit? This gives you a bit of insight into his personality.

10. What brand of computers do you like and what specifications do you look for when you buy one? This will tell you how knowledgeable he is.

11. What in this life brings you joy? Can you think of a specific moment related to this that brought you more joy than other moments?

12. Do you have a laid-back temperament or are you quick to anger? This is one question you need to know an honest answer to.

13. Are you a person that needs to be busy all the time, or can you have a good time doing nothing? This will tell you how active he is, that could be important to you if you are an active kind of person.

14. Would you rather have a tomboy for a girlfriend or do you want your girl to be ultra feminine? You may want to know this so you know whether you fit his expectations.

15. Have you ever played sports on a school or college team?  If so, would you like to be a professional athlete one day?

16. Do you have any health conditions I should know about? This one should be asked once you get to know each other better.

Now you have a start on some questions to ask a boy. Surely you will come up with some of your own to get to know him.

Remember, try to keep it to light subjects until you know each other better. Enjoy your friendship with him and who knows where it could lead.

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Feel free to download your copy of the 100 Questions Before Marriage sample eBook to get a lot of questions that you can ask. You can also get 1000 Questions For Couples by Micheal Webb.

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