Nice Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

When you have a girlfriend you want to make her happy. Many times all you have to do is say nice things to her to make her feel this way.

The problem is that if you are new at having a girlfriend you may not know just what to say. You open your mouth and become so tongue tied you can’t talk!

Little positive statements can mean a lot to your girlfriend. Here are some suggestions of some really  romantic and “nice things to say to your girlfriend”…

Nice Things To  Say To Your Girlfriend:



1. I love the way your hair shines in the sun.
2. You are the glow in the sunrise of my day.
3. The sound of your voice is like a soft melody in my ears.
4. Your smile makes my heart skip beats.
5. The first thing of I think about in the morning is you and at night you are the last thought in my head.
6. My world is not complete when I am not near you.
7. I am a better person with you in my life, you make me strive for more.
8. If my love for you could be measured in feet it would reach far out into the universe.
9. I think about your lovely being every moment I breathe!
10. Your taste in clothes is so delicious it makes me hungry.


11. Roses are said to be red, the sky sure does look blue, and I most definitely love you.
12. Your singing should be on the radio for all people to enjoy.
13. I love the way you come sashaying into the room. The swaying of your hips delight me.
14. The aroma of your cologne is like it is sent from heaven.
15. You’re as sweet as those cookies you bake!
16. The shape of your lips just makes me want to pucker up and kiss you.
17. I admire the intelligent way you work through your problems.
18. You have such a love of life that you brighten up any room you are in!
19. All you curves are in just the right places.
20. If your voice was music it would be a symphony of light lilting tones.


21. I marvel at the fact that you love to fish, and will actually bait your own hook, and take the fish off yourself!
22. You are the marshmallows in my hot chocolate.
23. You eyes sparkle like precious gems.
24. Some girls make guys’ hearts go all a flutter, you make my heart go completely out of control!
25. Your style of clothes is so hip and artistic, it is very upscale and modern!
26. Thank you for just being you and all that you do in this world.
27. I love you so much my heart hurts.
28. You make your nice clothes look even better.
29. You would look nice no matter what clothes you wore.
30. The head of hair you have is so fun to run my fingers through, it is so soft and luxurious!


31. You are so pretty that you don’t need any makeup.
32. Everything is more fun with and just think you love football too.
33. You are Cinderella to my Prince Charming.
34. You shine so bright that you make the sun go behind the clouds to hide.
35. I love you more than beer pong.
36. You sure look good in those jeans, they shape you just right.
37. You wear the coolest shoes, where do you find them?
38. You are my little honey bun, sweetie, and oh let’s throw in lovey dove.
39. You decorate the whole world not just my corner of it.
40. You are the whip cream on my sundae.


41. I have never known someone as fascinating as you are.
42. I love you more than all my video games put together.
43. I thank God that he lets me love you, and that you love me back.
44. I will love you until the sun dies and the moon crumbles.
45. When we are apart I don’t feel like I am whole.
46. Words fail me when I try to explain my feelings for you. There are no words good enough.

You will probably come up with your own list of nice things to say to your girlfriend, but if you don’t the above list can help. Just remember that girls like nice things said to them, especially when they are heartfelt.

Girls usually know when you guys are not being sincere. So reach into your heart and use your brains when talking to your girlfriend and you will be just fine.

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