Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner

Lets face it, no body is perfect. We all make, have made and will make many mistakes. That is the reality of human nature.

When it comes to asking intimate questions, we tend to forget that our partner is also a human being, who is imperfect and has a natural desire for intimacy.

Intimacy has a lot to do with sexuality and this is one of the most delicate, mysterious, complicated and misunderstood topics of all time.

But one fact is for sure: Sexuality has the power to leave deep psychological marks on anyone.

Since we are all imperfect human beings with a natural desire for intimacy, the end result can only be many mistakes with our sexuality that tend to leave a lot of deep psychological marks.

A good example is premarital sex. Many people feel that there is absolutely no problem with it and it’s suppose to be a part of every romantic relationship. However, it has a lot of long term repercussions that can negatively effect important aspects of anyone’s life.

Intimate questions to ask your partner

Many of the people who practice premarital sex “usually come with the excuses of ‘no body waits for marriage anymore’,’no body is perfect’ or ‘you’re missing out’…”
(100 Questions Before Marriage eBook).

It’s true that no body is perfect, but it is better to be closer to perfection than closer to imperfection.

It is better to avoid what is harmful then just to follow our heart by living the present moment and tomorrow try to get away with it by saying “oh! it’s in the past, just forget about it”.

We human beings are made up from our past and our past forms part of our present and our future. Anything that was done in the past becomes part of you for the rest of your life consciously or subconsciously.

The following are a group of hard intimate questions to ask your partner that can help you understand more about the above statements and help uncover some of the intimate secrets that your boyfriend/girlfriend might be hiding.

Intimate questions to ask your partner:

1- What has been your most intimate experience?
2- Who has been your most intimate partner?
3- Do you still have feelings for an ex intimate partner?
4- How long did your most intimate relationship last?
5- Do you regret living those intimate experiences with that person?
6- What made you go that far?
7- Are you a virgin?
8- Do you rather follow your heart (that does not think) or your head (that does think)?
9- What do you think is better: premarital sex or premarital abstinence?
10- Do you think the past matters in a relationship?
11- How would you react if I had a more serious intimate relationship in the past?
12- Do you think it’s OK for me to still have feelings for an ex?
13- What is your definition of intimate?
14- Do you agree with: were there was fire, ashes remain?

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4 Responses to “Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner”

  1. Michael Says:

    Some interesting questions to ask before marriage. Why is the virgin issue always a priority? Why not ask about their first time experiences with intimacy and let that answer come up in the discussion.

  2. Don Says:

    You shouldn’t make another relationship when you still have feelings for an ex, it just makes more people hurt

  3. Tonderayi Mukondiwa Says:

    Good piece of advice

  4. James F. Says:

    Virginity is rare these days as it is. The society we live in now accepts all sexuality and sexual history as normal. The word virginity does not mean, in my opinion, if you have lost your hymen or ejaculated, but, is a sexual experience you have with your partner pure and loving if you shared love for each other at a deep level you are technically giving your virginity to your partner it was a new and wonderful experience.

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