Interesting Questions to Ask Someone

The world is full of questions waiting to be asked! Are you game to ask them? There are no rules to the game really. Get with someone you know and start asking away. You can keep all the questions light and fun or you could make them delve a bit deeper into someone’s psyche.

Why settle for finding out what kind of ice cream they want, when you can ask them about the current political situation? Of course, you don’t have to get this deep to have interesting questions though.

Are you wondering what type of interesting things you could ask? Ask things about future dreams, plans for family, what type of literature they like to read, and so on.

Well if you are having trouble making up your own list of questions maybe we can just help out. Below are interesting questions, at least to us, to ask someone…

List of Interesting Questions


1. If you could travel to any part of the world where would it be?
2. Do you have any major aspirations in life?
3. Are you an honest person or do you shade the truth to suit you?
4. Is there a part of your body that you would like to improve?
5. Do you have any unusual health problems that make life hard for you?
6. Would you ever devote your life to those less fortunate than you?
7. Are you so devoted to your religion that you have thought about being a minister, priest, or nun (depending on the sex of the person being asked)?
8. Do you read books in your spare time? If you do, then do you read the classics at all?
9. Do you like to watch sci-fi movies and programs, because they stretch the mind in different ways than other genres do?
10. Do you watch the Super Bowl each year?


11. Have you ever traveled that much? If so where have you been?
12. Has a religious experience ever made you cry?
13. Have you ever had a moment in your life that changed its whole direction?
14. What is your educational degree in?
15. Do you know how to weave reed baskets?
16. Do you know your ancestry? What nationalities are you?
17. Have you ever hated someone and not known why?
18. Are you nervous speaking in front of a crowd?
19. Do you own any works of art by famous artists?
20. Have you ever been in a hot-air balloon?


21. Have you ever had a very serious illness?
22. Which famous person would you like to be like?
23. Are you polite to even the cashiers that wait on you in the stores?
24. Which political party do you agree with the most?
25. Do you believe that the president and the government are doing enough to help the people of this country?
26. Do you believe in war or do you prefer peacefully handling all problems?
27. Are you an animal lover beyond just owning the typical dog or cat?
28. Do you detest video games or love them?
29. Have you ever been a Caribbean cruise? Did you like it?
30. Would you like to go to the moon if it was possible for just anyone to go?


31. Do you know how to scuba dive?
32. Do you like walking out in the woods communing with nature?
33. Do you think the world is coming to an end in the near future?
34. Are you into only eating organic foods?
35. Do you get enough exercise everyday for you health?
36. Do you drink plenty of water?
37. Are you addicted to soft drinks like some other people are?
38. Would you like to travel Europe one day and see the ancient ruins it has to offer?
39. Are you proficient operating a computer?
40. What kind of televisions do you own in your house and how many?

Now look at these questions to see how to write more. These happen to cover a whole array of subjects. To write your interesting questions you must first define what interesting means to you. You may want to ask completely different things than listed here.

Questions on music might be interesting to you, where someone else may want to talk philosophy when asking questions. Figure out what subjects you want the questions and then go from there. Start writing your list of questions.

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