How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Loves Me

So your questions is: “how do I know if my girlfriend loves me“?

Do you really love your girlfriend? Are you wondering how to tell if she loves you back? You will notice certain things your girlfriend does and says that signifies that she loves you. You just have to know how to read her that’s all. Have no fear we will give you some things to look for that shows her love for you.

Does she put you first in her life? If she does that is a sign of love. When she is asking you what you want to do for a date, instead of demanding that you two go where she wants, that shows she really cares for you. So sit back and enjoy this quality in her, but remember she needs to do somethings she likes too.

Is your girlfriend buying you little gifts to show you that she loves you? If she is trying to get you things you like this is a true sign of affection. Maybe lately she has given you a t-shirt with your favorite sports team on it. Or maybe she has given you some new fishing gear because she knows you like to fish. Yes she does love you if she is doing these things.

One sure sign of love is when she starts cooking for you. Either baking your favorite dessert or your favorite meal, it does not matter it is a show of love for you. Anytime someone will take the time to prepare a dessert or meal for you, you need to feel loved. This is a true show of affection.

Maybe she is also saying that she loves you. Most time people do not say those words without meaning them. Does she also compliment how good looking you are and how much you have brought to her life? These all are very good signs that she is madly in love with you.

Has she started being the one that starts the hugging and the kissing instead of waiting on you? This is another good sign of love. Normally before love hits the woman will let the man make the first move. After a woman falls in love she is more inclined to start the showing of affection without the catalyst of the male showing it first.

Another big sign of your girlfriend loving you, is when she starts sharing facts about her life. Especially if she is telling you about her childhood and her family, and sharing stories of her life with them growing up. These are usually somewhat intimate details of a person’s life that they don’t share with just anyone. So she must love and trust you to tell you these facts.

Now you have some signs to look for to see if your girlfriend loves you. Look for these and you will notice when she starts doing them if she doesn’t do any of them yet. And remember that you can always come out and ask if you are truly in doubt.

Or tell her you love her first and see if she tells you that she loves back. This most often is the easiest way to know if indeed your girlfriend loves you. Good luck in your love life.

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3 Responses to “How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Loves Me”

  1. suntor Says:

    hw do u knw if she’s into u 4 a target or she’s pretending?

  2. brent Says:

    Hello, i was woundering if anyone can help me with advise on what i should do about the relationship im in. My girlfriend and i have been dating since october 18 of last year. And she says she loves me.. i dont see any of these signs with her and some of them i cant see because she never asks to spend time with me. And everytime i ask if i can come see her she gives me the same excuse everytime “theres to much going on”. But if your thinking “well how do you act towards her?”. Iv been showing her all these signs
    – complimenting her beauty
    – asking if i could spend time with her
    – calling her (she never calls me)
    – opening up to her (she never opens up to me)
    – giving her gifts on her birthday, christmas, valintines (she gave me one gift.. a broken watch..)

  3. brent Says:

    Iv also been showing the signs they listed on the website.

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