Funny Questions to Ask People

When you are in a silly mood, it is easy to have fun. You laugh easily at thing going on in the world around you. People even seem more enjoyable to be around than usual. It is also easy to find yourself asking people funny questions that you would not normally ask.

These questions are often about everyday mundane things looked at in a different light. An example of this would be “Why is a giant big and not small?”

You can have fun asking people these funny questions. It is like playing party games but it does not have to be a party to do so. Below are some questions

After reading this post, feel free to get more questions such as questions to ask your boyfriend or questions to ask a girl.

Funny questions to ask people:

  1. Why are there always hurricanes and not ever any himmicanes?
  2. Since fish swim in schools, do they ever graduate?
  3. Why is it 2 hands but 2 feet and not 2 foots?
  4. How many words begin with q that aren’t followed by u?
  5. How many words are in the English language?
  6. Why is it called hairspray? Does it contain hair?
  7. Have you fed your computer mouse any bytes today?
  8. If you burn something to a CD, why doesn’t it catch on fire?
  9. Why do you knit with two needles, but crochet with one hook?
  10. Why is it called a MoonPie? Does it have part of the moon in it?
  11. Is Congress the opposite of progress?
  12. Do you know any funny questions?
  13. Ever try selling something back to a telemarketer?
  14. If all those psychics are truly psychic, why don’t they leave us a message instead of having us call them?
  15. Are you sleeping?
  16. What would a dog do if they caught their tail when chasing it?
  17. If you have a bad daydream is it called a daymare?
  18. Why do we park in the driveway?
  19. Why do we drive on a parkway?
  20. If there is cold storage, is there also hot storage?
  21. Do fish swim backwards?
  22. Why does is rain cats and dogs instead of cows and sheep?
  23. Why can you spin yarn (thread) or spin a yarn (story)?
  24. Why is a man, male and a woman (wo-man), female (fe-male)? 2 extra letters…does that mean something?
  25. Why if you are tired you are all pooped out?
  26. What is your best forgotten memory?
  27. Why do we only watch TV? Don’t we have to listen to it too?
  28. Why do we dust the furniture to remove dust?
  29. What events can’t you remember in your life?
  30. Why do buses not have seat belts?
  31. How can time fly does it have wings?
  32. Would we rather have global cooling instead of global warming?
  33. Do airplanes fly backwards?
  34. Where is the any key on a computer keyboard?
  35. Why are crazy people called basket cases?
  36. Why does the moon look magnified sometimes?
  37. Why do cats purr?
  38. How do our computers go into sleep mode?
  39. When having your mind read by a psychic, are all your words spelled right?

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