Fun Questions To Get To Know Someone

Questions, questions, so many questions. When it comes to asking them, it’s hard to know were to start.

The following questionnaire can be considered fun yet silly, and at the same time, result to be a confusing and an illusionary form of test or exam to get to know someone and yourself with the same nature of ambiguity used to describe it in this paragraph you have just read.

Fun Questions to Get to Know Someone:

Fun Questions to get to know someone

Note: Please read carefully.


1- Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched?

2- So, do you really think we evolved from apes? Seriously?

4- What would you do if you were the last person on this earth?

5- If you did not want to ignore something obvious, what will it be?

6- If you could write something  to change the world, what would it be?

7- To be or not to be?

8- Were you able to see the question that was on the line number three?

9- Did you realize it was not in line by the time you reached question number nine?

10- Do you think it’s fine for these questions to rhyme like question number ten: it’s worth a “dime”?

11- Were you able to define the number of characters on questions 6 and 8 to be exactly the amount of fifty five?

12- Did you notice the pattern of questions getting larger down the list except on number seven because it “could or not be” larger in size?

Behold the potential of letters and numbers. With a little imagination, creativity and time, anyone can come up with their own interesting questions to get to know someone.

However, their could be a few things that you might have missed from these writings. Here are a couple of suggestions:


1. The words “will” and “would” on question number 5 and 6 are used for the same meaning but only one is the correct term. This was “…something obvious…” that you could have ignored.

2. 12 questions in total because this number represents a whole, all that is complete, entirety, etc. (12 months equals a year, 12 hours around the clock, the twelve apostles, etc).

3. The first 3 questions (1,2 and 4) were meant for the distraction of question number 3, and the reader is not informed about it after reading 3 more questions ending with the word “be” on each.

Note: I just wrote about question number three on suggestion number three….three times…again).

4. Number seven is the “perfect” number to make the changes from open questions (1-6), to closed questions (yes or no questions [8-12]), and to split evenly five questions down and five questions up (questions 6 and 8 contain the exact same number of characters [55 total] mentioned on question 11).

5. Number 3, 7, 12 are considered “numbers of perfection”. 7 is in the middle of 3 and 12. It is also in the middle of 10 questions.

6. Question number 6 speaks about writing “…to change the world…” and the next question represents a phrase that did.

7. 7 is in the middle of all questions, and the phrase “To be or not to be?” contains six words. With the question mark makes it 7 unique elements in one line.

Note: The title of this post, “Fun Questions To Get To Know Someone”, contains 7 words in total, making it a perfect title.

8. Questions 5-12 all end with the letter “e” and the rhyming pattern (from questions 9 to 12) gets smaller by word per line:

9. Question 9 = Realize, line, time, nine

10. Question 10 = Fine, rhyme, dime

11. Question 11 = Define, five,

12. Question 12 = Size

Author: Dionis Fernandez (

This proves all of the details that we can have right in front of our eyes and still miss out on A LOT. The same applies to people we know and life in its general terms.

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