Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

When you are dating your boyfriend it is fun to ask him questions to see how he thinks and feels.

You may be wondering what these questions should be though. Do you ask funny things or serious, you may be asking?

Below is a list of questions that you might like to ask your boyfriend for fun.

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Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend:

Fun questions to ask your boyfriend


1. What has life’s lessons taught you about how to live?
2. What do you consider an important virtue for a person to have?
3. Where do you see yourself 30 years from now?
4. If you have had other girlfriends why do you think that you broke up?
5. Could you love a woman if she has been scarred and crippled through a tragic accident? Or would you run from her in her time of need?
6. Do you remember the first time you kissed a girl?
7. What quality do I possess that you like more than all the others?
8. What type of first impression did I make on you?
9. Who is your very closest friend of any sex?
10. How do you picture the ideal female?


11. What was the name of the very first girlfriend you had?
12. What is you most precious secret, if you don’t mind sharing?
13. Would you share me with another guy, or do you want me all to yourself?
14. At what stage in your life would you contemplate marriage?
15. Which of my personality traits do you like the least?
16. If we went fishing would you bait my hook for me?
17. What would you consider a reason to break off our relationship?
18. If I had a terminal disease would you support me through it and love me anyway?
19. If I had to work off in a far away country for several years would you still stay faithful to me, and be here when I came back?
20. Do you have any plans for your financial future?


21. What would it take to convince you that I am the one you should be with for the rest of your life?
22. Do you have religious beliefs, and if so what are they?
23. If you were on a deserted island what 3 things would you want with you?
24. What country would you like to visit?
25. What activity have you always dreamed about doing and have not been able to do yet?
26. Do you have an idea for a dream car? What features would it have?
27. What moment in your life has made you be the most intimate with someone?
28. Do you have any lingering feelings for any of you ex girlfriends?
29. Have you had sex yet? If so do you remember the first time?
30. Do you only do what your brain tells you, or are you tuned into what your heart wants you to do?


31. Do you prefer to stay abstinent from sex until marriage?
32. Should things that happened in our past have an affect on our present relationships?
33. Are the people you are friends with high energy or do you prefer the laid-back personality?
34. On your days off do you get up and at it anyway or are you a stay in bed until noon person?
35. What genre of music do you like listening to the best and why?
36. What is the one goal that you feel you need to attain in your life?
37. What one person has had more influence over your life than any other?
38. What is your worst habit?
39. What is the most embarrassing situation you have ever been in?
40. What would be the characteristics of a fun and idyllic life to you?


41. If we get married where would you want to go for a honeymoon?
42. If you were a professional player for a sports which one would it be?
43. If you designed a car, what features would you put in it?
44. When you get bored how do you get out of it?
45. Is there anyone you know that does not like you? Why?
46. What is the most life-changing decision you have ever made?
47. Is there anything in your life that you would change if you could live it over?
48. What is the happiest and funniest day in your life been?
49. Do you like answering questions people ask you?
50. Do you enjoy spending time by yourself?

You will undoubtedly come up with more fun questions to ask than these listed. This list will give you a start on some fun things to ask your boyfriend though. Have fun and enjoy your relationship. May it bring you many enjoyable moments.

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For more interesting, romantic and  fun questions to ask your boyfriend, get your copy of  the 100 Questions Before Marriage sample eBook, or Michael Webb’s eBook 1000 Questions For Couples today!

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