Embarrassing Truth Or Dare Questions

Young people still play the game of “truth or dare” like they did many years ago. If you are a young person, you have probably already played a version of this game. It is great fun at parties with large groups of people.

You simply have to choose between a question to which you give a truthful answer to, or you have to do something mildly strange for a dare.

If you have already played it you know that these games of truth or dare involve embarrassing questions and some dares that can be just as embarrassing dependent on the group of people who are participating in it.

Because of your young age, the acts or questions tend to be sillier so more people can play. This is not the general rule with the “truth or dare” games though.

Adults play this game too by making the questions more interesting and the dares are more challenging.

Give the more adult version of the game a shot, maybe with your family or friends to see what it is about. Prior to the beginning of the game you need to come up with a few truth questions to ask if you are called upon.

As long as you keep the truth questions clean and not something that is a low blow to the person, they can still have a humor about them. Below are some examples of the kind of truth questions you can ask:

Questions for Truth Part of the Game

1.      What is the one thing you are still afraid of?

2.      What skill do you have that you consider a secret?

3.      What TV program from your childhood would you watch all the reruns too again?

4.      Do you still go out drinking and dancing like you used to?

5.      What meal could you eat 7 days a week and not tire of it?

6.      What age did you receive your first kiss at?

7.      Who in your life inspired you the most?

8.      Has your hair always been blonde?

9.      What career would you have if you could choose anything?

Remember that the point of the truth or dare game is that person you are asking the questions of may say “dare”, meaning they would prefer to do an act instead of answering the truth! So have some innovative “dares” ready when you need them. Below are some examples of dares you could use.

Acts for the Dare Part of the Game

1.      Eat a half a bag of potato chips without drinking any water for at least 10 minutes.

2.      Lose 5 pounds by this time next month or face a truth question.

3.      Sing right now for the group, only do it standing on one leg.

4.      Sneeze with your eyes open.

5.      Eat your least favorite food for 4 days straight.

6.      Watch a mushy movie with your girlfriend but don’t let her kiss you during the movie.

7.      Walk backwards down Main Street.

8.      Leave off coffee and tea for a week

9.      Wear the color you look real bad in to work one day.

You should be able to tell that none of the truth or dares are malicious, they are just meant for fun.

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