Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Emotionally, girls can be compared to a marshmallow: so delicate that anything can suppress their feelings, or so puffed up with pride whenever they’re complimented about their good looks.

Puffed up or suppressed, girls are sensitive just like a marshmallow. A good way to nurture that sensibility is with humor and calling her funny names is a good way to add a lot of it into the relationship.

The following are a couple of common (some popular and some are not) romantic names to call your girlfriend that can be considered “cool” and funny, but I rather say that they are good and cute. The description next to them is not a meaning, but rather a fun way to use them.

Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend:

Cute names to call your girlfriend

Sleeping beauty: Good for the sleepy heads

Cutsie wootsie: Excellent to say while pinching her cheeks with both hands

Honey bunny: For the really playful

Dolly wholly: For the well dressed

Pretty eyes: Good for the crystal clear colored eyes

Sugar cake: For the sweet and happy

Sugar puff: Perfect if she is sweet and very sensitive (like a marshmallow)

Snookums: Perfect to say before a kiss

Cup cake: For the innocent and sweet

Doll face: For the cute face

Beautiful: Simple yet very effective

Pumpkin: Common name and for casual moments

Freckles: This name speaks for it self

Princess: Perfect is she still has that little girl spirit

Peaches: Good for the girls who blush a lot

Shorty: Be careful, she might really think she is short

Barbie: Excellent if she wants to be a model

Pretty: One of the best names that any girl will love

Angel: For the really elegant

Baby: Common name for both partners

These names are perfect to make one of those romantic scenes were husband and wife call each each nicknames back and forth:

Her: Sugar puff! dinner’s ready!
Him: I’ll be right there sweetie pie!

Her: OK my little cup cake!
Him: I love you doll face!

Her: Me too cutsie wootsie!
Him: Not more than me sleeping beauty!

Her: Oh yes indeed honey bunny!

You get the picture…

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5 Responses to “Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend”

  1. Jayson Gilzow Says:

    I am sharing this with my spouse. Maybe this will get him interested with me again. Things have been a little boring lately, hopefully this will change that.

  2. Alexis Says:

    Sock monkey:)- because she’s cute and funny!

  3. Alexis Says:

    Tator-tot:)- when there so adorable and are hard on the outside but super soft on the inside

  4. Samantha Says:

    I was bored siiting in class wondering what to do for me and my boyfriend. He is really sweet. I wanted to find a good nick name for him now that i found this i think I will use a name.

  5. Jackson Says:

    Start calling her Beautiful, then after a while shorten it to Bea, using that most of the time, only calling her Beautiful when saying goodbye or goodnight, or when telling her you love her. Trust me, it works (\^.^/)

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