Awkward Questions To Ask A Guy

Guys and gals have such a hard time communicating most of the time. What should the gals say to the guys? What things should they not say to them?

It can be mighty confusing most of the time. You both try to ask each other questions as a way to get to know each other.

But there are a lot of awkward questions out there, that gals either have a had time asking guys, or should not ask at all.

Let’s look closer at some of the most awkward questions.

Awkward Questions To Ask A Guy:

  1. How much money do you make, and what are your financial plans for the future?
  2. “How do you feel about me?” is always a hard question to ask.
  3. You risk the relationship if you ask a guy too soon “Are you in love with me?”
  4. Guys may not answer truthfully if you ask “Have you ever had sex?”, so beware of asking this one. They also may not feel comfortable about talking about sex.
  5. What were your grades last quarter?
  6. Have you had a lot of girlfriends in your life?
  7. Why do you drive that tacky car?
  8. Stay away from questions that ask “How do I look in this dress?” or “Does my fanny look too big in these pants?”. These types of questions only make the man feel like they half to give the right answer or they are in trouble. They make the men feel awkward answering them.
  9. What is your most embarrassing moment you have had? If it is too embarrassing the guys won’t want to answer.
  10. Do you see us together for a long time? This question can make guys nervous especially if you have not been dating long.
  11. Today many times gals ask their guys “What is the condition of your health?”, this is tough to ask and if the guy has something to hide it is tough for him to answer.
  12. Why don’t you have hair on your chest?
  13. You mean your muscles aren’t any bigger than that?
  14. Do you have any deep dark family secrets that you are afraid to share? If they answer this one anyway but no they are going to feel strange.
  15. How much money is in your bank account? If this not awkward for you to ask it should be. It will definitely be uncomfortable for the guy to answer unless he is loaded and likes to brag about it.
  16. “Does he want children?” can be tricky because this may scare him off if he is not ready to bring this subject up. If your relationship is not at the right stage you could scare the guy off.
  17. Who is the most favorite girlfriend you have ever had? Now how are you going to feel if he doesn’t say you?
  18. Why don’t you know how to dance? Guys really only like to talk about the stuff they know how to do.
    You have to be kidding, you don’t know how to swim? Talk about making the poor guy feel bad which in turn will make you feel uncomfortable.
  19. Who do you think is smarter guys or gals? If he says guys you are going to be upset and he says gals he may feel awkward.
  20. You mean you didn’t pass the physical fitness test to get into the program? Guys don’t like to talk about defeats only their successes especially with gals.
  21. Why is your computer so old? Guys like their electronics be careful not to insult them.
  22. Why do you like that terrible football (soccer,baseball) team? Guys like a team for a reason so be careful how you ask this question, you may leave out the word terrible for it not to create an awkward situation.
  23. What political party are you for? Politics can always be a loaded subject and can lead to an argument. It is much too controversial to talk about when you are trying to get to know each other. Save this question for the guys you have known for awhile and have already developed a relationship with.

Now that you know some of the questions, that are either awkward to ask or that guys are not comfortable answering, you have a better idea what not to ask.

Keep the questions positive and comfortable to talk about. This will make it much easier with your relationship no matter what level it is at.

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